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Elena Volodchenko

Trance Works Perth Hypnosis Clinic

Perth Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner, Timeline therapist

Health Care Provider (rebates through private health insurance) 


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0401256724 or visit 


Personal Profile

Elena Volodchenko is a Clinical hypnotherapist in Perth specialising in an evidence-based Integrative Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (iCBT). This is a protocol that is compliant with conventional psychotherapy yet utilises the benefit of trance state for deeper work with subconscious mind. Elena is also Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Timeline Therapist.

Prior to going into a private practice Elena lived in Russia and travelled internationally supporting various organisations in consumer behavioural research, customer satisfaction and digital marketing. Through extensive experience with people and organisations Elena became fascinated with the human mind and intrinsic motivation and pursued education in counselling and psychotherapy in order to focus on the field she is most passionate. 

“I continue to be amazed with the power of the human mind and the need of connection with self and others and permission to take benevolent action that is a prerequisite of success in therapy and life”

What to expect during sessions of clinical hypnotherapy in Perth Hypnosis Clinic with Elena Volodchenko: 

Initial consultation usually includes free 30 minutes session to determine the problem, therapeutic application and treatment plan. Subsequently, we take 3 to 20 one-on-one sessions to address and overcome what you are struggling with.


During the session you will explore your behaviours and internal and external triggers, then develop benevolent strategies that are put in place during the trancework (hypnosis) via suggestions, metaphors and rehearsal. In addition, a variety of NLP techniques are used, as well as timelining (age regression and progression, time distortion).


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