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Fremantle Therapeutic Centre

Our team of dedicated professionals have an extensive range of experience and skills. We are able to provide a wide range of services to couples, individuals, families and groups. We also work closely with a range of organisations and professionals within the Perth community to give clients access to the best possible options and resources.

Meet The Team


Sharon Blake

Master of Counselling

Sharon offers counselling for individuals, couples, families and groups in a gentle supportive environment. There are a variety of reasons people struggle over their lifetime, or during certain periods, and Sharon’s counselling offers a deeper understanding of this, with ways to move forward.

Starting with what you view as problematic, sessions will include exploring these issues and developing insights around them, strategies to let them go or manage them, and an exploration of the bigger issues that often underlie them.
Sharon is an experienced counsellor, supervisor of counsellors, teacher and educator of various life-skills for community and business. She uses an integrative style drawing from different models and approaches to manage high /low emotion, distressing behaviours and past trauma.


Sharon has a Masters of Counselling, Bachelor of Social Science degree, a qualified Supervisor and a member of the Australian Counselling Assn.

For enquiries call Sharon on 0424 951 670 or visit


Cindy Cranswick  Counsellor

Cindy Cranswick


Cindy is a professional Counsellor, who offers confidential counselling for individuals, couples and families who are experiencing challenges in their lives. Cindy provides a safe, understanding and supportive environment that allows concerns to be shared openly and confidently.

Cindy is passionate about helping individuals acknowledge and accept the changes in their lives by empowering them with skills and knowledge to regain control of their lives and restore their sense of well-being. Cindy believes that although any form of change is a challenge to an individual, it is also an opportunity for growth. Cindy holds a Masters in Philosophy, Bachelor of Counselling and is a registered member of the Australian Counselling Association.

For enquiries call Cindy on 0468 957 061 or visit


Elena Volodchenko Hypnostherapist Perth www.hypnosis-perth.com.au.png

Elena Volodchenko

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner

Elena Volodchenko is a clinical hypnotherapist in Perth​ specialising in an evidence-based Integrative Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (iCBT). This is a protocol that is compliant with conventional psychotherapy yet utilises the benefit of the narrowed focus of attention state also known as hypnosis or trance for deeper work with subconscious mind. Elena is also Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Timeline Therapist.

Areas of application (specialisation):

  • Hypnotherapy for Anxiety and stress

  • Hypnosis for Depressive mood relief

  • Negative thinking

  • Self-hypnosis for Pregnancy and Childbirth

  • Hypnosis for Chronic pain management

  • Weight management (weight loss hypnosis, hypnotic gastric band lap)

  • Bad habits elimination (nail biting, smoking, drinking, emotional eating)

  • Improve confidence, self-worth/self-esteem

  • Hypnotherapy for Phobias and fears of all natures

  • Hypnosis for PTSD Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Release Childhood Trauma

  • Hypnosis for Performance Anxiety

  • Improve Study, Recall and Concentration

  • Self-regulation and emotional adjustment

  • Somatic Hypnotherapy for Physical Health (Cellular repair, phantom pains, post-surgery recovery)


Special interest: hypnosis for children, women’s mental health, pre – postnatal depression, anxiety, habit control, weight loss, trauma treatment with hypnosis

More details about Trance Work Perth Hypnosis Clinic.

Book your initial hypnotherapy session with Elena here – visit www.hypnosis-perth.com.au 

For enquiries call Elena on 0401 256 724

Alfiah Blonde

Sparky Brain Naturopath


For enquiries call Alfiah on 0422 021 149